• Love and dating on the world wide web

    These days it seems as though anything and everything starts online and dating is no different. It is said that 1 in 3 relationships begin online. In 2035 it is predicted that this will increase to over 50% (according to the ONS). With these shocking statistics, it is fair to say, upping your online dating game is of high importance if you want to stand a chance at success.

    How do I find the perfect match? I hear you ask. Here are my top tips for online dating

    Write a Good Profile
    There are thousands of millions of people looking for romance online. When writing your profile you have to think outside of the box. What is going to make you stand out from the crowd?

    Brainstorm a list of your attributes, interests and achievements and condense them so they are easy to digest. A potential match is going to be interested in what the two of you have in common, as well as what they can expect from a relationship with you. Although it is worth including lots of information about yourself, some things are better left unsaid, leaving room for more communication further down the line.

    Be honest. I cannot stress this enough. You can write the most irresistible profile, but if it’s not really you, you’re going to attract people that aren’t a good match for you and you will both be disappointed further down the line.

    Ultimately, express yourself, let your personality, wit, and charm shine through your profile and you will be one step closer to attracting that special somebody.

    Peak interest with your chat!
    Joined a dating site and then didn’t talk to anyone? Good luck with that. You’re never going to find a match.

    You must send messages. Send plenty of messages, but don’t scrimp on the quality. Quality messages are attention grabbers. Skip out on the small talk, it’s boring. Dig deep in your chat. Ask meaningful questions. Use humour to your advantage. Most of all, don’t be that ‘Hi, how are you? Where are you from?’ type of person, it lacks imagination.

    Upload a variety of photos
    None of us want to admit it, but we all make instant judgments based on somebody’s photos. You may laugh about it, but these things are so ingrained in our psyche that our minds will automatically stereotype certain types of images. Do they have a pet in their picture? Aw, so sweet and caring. Surrounded by friends? Sociable and likeable. Suited and booted? Successful and smart. Only posts pictures lifting weights? Gym-acholic. Only posts filtered pics? Probably doesn’t look anything like that in real life! The list goes on. 

    Think carefully about what types of photos you are posting and how they could be interpreted. If you want to cater to more people and give yourself the best chance at romance, use variety in your images. Include photos of your face, full body, with friends, on holiday, glammed up, active/casual wear etc… Have some fun with it.  Let your photos show what type of person you are. Doing things that you love in your pictures is bound to attract the right kind of match.

  • How Not to Get Caught

    People have extramarital affairs for a variety of different reasons. 

    A marriage may be experiencing a lack of intimacy or connection. Or, perhaps a spouse feels unappreciated or neglected at home. Others may cheat because they need more variety in their relationships or simply have certain sexual desires that need fulfilling. The bottom line is, that people who want to have an affair, often do no want to actually split from their husband or wife.

    So how do you keep it a secret? 

    Choose your Affair Partner Carefully

    Don’t date people you know in your personal life. It’s a sure-fire way to get yourself caught, especially if that friend is a mutual friend or a work colleague. These secret liaisons always have a way of coming to light. Use a discreet website for affairs, such as IllicitEncounters, it’s the best affair website in the UK. Everyone will be in the same boat that way and have just as much to lose. That means you are much more likely to come across people who want to be careful and keep the affair under wraps. 

    Use Technology to your Advantage

    Many affairs get busted by technology. You have to cheat smart. 

    Use aliases and set up a fake email address. Make sure you always password protect your phone, tablet, or computer. You can even password protect certain chat apps. Clear your history after every use, or use incognito mode for private browsing. Don’t forget to log out of your devices when you’re not using them. It may sound tedious but if you don’t use technology to your advantage, you will get caught.

    Act Normal

    Do not change your behaviour at home. You will appear very suspicious if all of a sudden the way you act is totally different. 

    When going on illicit dates plan well in advance and make it appear normal. If you start “working late” every night when you’re usually out the door as soon as work is over, or you start “working out at the gym” all the time when you have never cared about fitness – don’t be surprised if your partner becomes suspicious. Choose good alibis and plan your dates wisely so that your behaviour doesn’t come across as out of character. 

    Keep your Own Secret!Lastly, if you want to keep your affair a secret, don’t talk about it! Don’t talk about being unfaithful to anyone. The fewer people know about the infidelity, the less likely you are to get caught. Remember that loose lips sink ships. Never expose your affair.

  • How do you know you’re dating a player?

    The signs you are dating a player often stare you back in the face. It’s a tough pill to swallow that you like somebody who seems to only care about one thing, themselves. 

    There are some pretty obvious dating red flags worth considering. Players are very good at making you feel special. They will come on strong, giving lots of compliments and making you feel like the only person in the world. Only to disappear off the radar and be difficult to get hold of and when they are reachable they are cold or make you feel like you’re being needy. Sounds familiar? Trust your gut instinct. If they are never available unless they want to be and have never let you into their world by introducing you to their friends or family – they are keeping you at arm’s length. 

    If they quiver at the mention of a relationship with you or refer to you as a ‘friend’ – red flag alert, this situation-ship is never going to progress to anything more than a booty-call. 

    Some players are all the more obvious and will outright flirt in front of you with any women you encounter. If he has a wandering eye and charms other women in front of you, run, you deserve much better. 

    If you’re trying to ‘date’ a player you have got to be unforgiving. Express how you feel and what you want from them and if they don’t deliver, dump them. A word of warning, players love the thrill of the chase so don’t be surprised if they try to win you back. It’s down to you to decide if it’s worth it. I’ll clue you up on the answer to that one – heck, no!’