How do you know you’re dating a player?

The signs you are dating a player often stare you back in the face. It’s a tough pill to swallow that you like somebody who seems to only care about one thing, themselves. 

There are some pretty obvious dating red flags worth considering. Players are very good at making you feel special. They will come on strong, giving lots of compliments and making you feel like the only person in the world. Only to disappear off the radar and be difficult to get hold of and when they are reachable they are cold or make you feel like you’re being needy. Sounds familiar? Trust your gut instinct. If they are never available unless they want to be and have never let you into their world by introducing you to their friends or family – they are keeping you at arm’s length. 

If they quiver at the mention of a relationship with you or refer to you as a ‘friend’ – red flag alert, this situation-ship is never going to progress to anything more than a booty-call. 

Some players are all the more obvious and will outright flirt in front of you with any women you encounter. If he has a wandering eye and charms other women in front of you, run, you deserve much better. 

If you’re trying to ‘date’ a player you have got to be unforgiving. Express how you feel and what you want from them and if they don’t deliver, dump them. A word of warning, players love the thrill of the chase so don’t be surprised if they try to win you back. It’s down to you to decide if it’s worth it. I’ll clue you up on the answer to that one – heck, no!’

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