Will Smiths Open Relationship

Will Smith’s Open Relationship: Why Hollywood’s Stars Are Breaking The Dating Mold

One of the reasons why the ‘standard’ relationship model is no longer the norm is because of celebrities, like Will Smith, who have embraced a more open approach to dating.

As one of the most iconic and successful Hollywood couples, Will and Jada Pinkett Smith have gone against the grain by having an open relationship.

We’re always going to be interested when celebrities talk about going against the traditional way of doing things, and it’s often because they are doing what we’re all doing, or at least what we’re all thinking about doing. 

So, when we see Will and Jada Pinkett Smith talking about open relationships and how that doesn’t change how they feel about each other, it acts as a validation. Open relationships can not only work, but they can also be a way for people to explore new things and grow without sacrificing anything.

First off, What is an Open Relationship?

An open relationship means that the couple involved are allowed to see other people. That’s the very short version, but there are often lots of rules agreed upon to ensure the central relationship continues to function and neither partner is neglected.

There is the understanding that the actions of either partner should not impact the other.

Is Will Smith in an Open Relationship?

This is a slightly tricky question because Will Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett Smith have disagreed on the exact wording. The short answer is yes because their description of their relationship definitely falls into this category. 

You’ll no doubt have heard the rumours, jokes, and reports, but the fact is that both Will and Jada have talked about how they don’t see monogamy as a key to their happy conventional marriage on Jada Pinkett Smith’s ‘Red Table Talk‘ show.

They’re clearly deeply committed to each other, but they have discussed how they decided to try something different after a tough patch in their relationship.

While both have a habit of dancing around the subject, what they are consistent on is that they love the freedom that they give each other, and that they prize their honesty with each other.

How Does an Open Relationship Work?

Following on from the final sentence above, an open relationship only really works if both partners are open and honest with each other. Otherwise, it’s pretty much cheating.

Both partners need to agree on the rules of their open relationships. For example, some partners will say that there are certain people who the other is not allowed to sleep with. Some couples want to know all the details about the encounters, while others would prefer not to. In some relationships, one partner is happy to remain monogamous while the other goes on this new adventure.

As long as you are both communicating and agreeing, it can work.

Why are more Celebrities Choosing an Open Relationship?

In recent years it certainly seems like there have been more and more celebrities talking openly about being in an open relationship. It’s not just Will and Jada anymore, and it’s no longer seen as the major taboo-busting revelation that it was. 

So, why are they choosing open relationships?

Increased time and freedom to explore individual pursuits

Let’s face it, you’re not always going to be interested in the same things as your partner. There are always going to be adventures and experiences that you want to have that they’re not interested in. With an open relationship, you can have those without feeling like you are neglecting your partner.

Importantly, your partner can do the same thing. 

Improved communication and trust between partners

One of the biggest benefits of an open relationship is that you can do these things without needing to go behind anyone’s back. You will need to communicate with your partner if you want an open relationship to work, and that builds trust. 

Partners can say whether they are happy or not and can expect the other to do the same.

Ability to establish an honest relationship without expectations

While some couples agree to try an open relationship after a long time, others jump into it from the get-go. This allows both partners to agree on what exactly they are looking for from their relationship and be honest about what they can give.

By doing this, it takes away the chance for someone to get hurt further down the line.

More room for individual growth and self-exploration

One of the main reasons why people try open relationships is because they feel like there is something that they are not able to explore in themselves. Whether it’s sexual or not, an open relationship can give you the opportunity to understand more about yourself.

There is the chance to be a more rounded person and to take that back to your central relationship.

Opportunity to meet new people from a variety of backgrounds

This may sound a little flippant, but one of the best things about being in an open relationship is that you get to meet new people. Being in a monogamous relationship can often feel like you never really leave home. 

With an open relationship, you can meet people from all sorts of backgrounds.

Other Celebrities with Open Marriages

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith are hardly the only celebrities with open marriages out there, although they may well have made others feel more comfortable being honest about it. 

Bethany C. Meyers and actor Nico Tortorella have been very open about being in a queer polygamous relationship. The legendary Dolly Parton has talked about being in an open marriage too. 

There’s Academy Award winner Mo’Nique and her husband Sidney Hicks, comedian Margaret Cho and her husband Al Ridenour, and even the iconic Shirley MacLaine has talked about how having an open marriage while she was with Steve Packer.

Final Thoughts: Could You Be a Part of an Open Relationship?

There are a lot of clear advantages to open relationships that range from exploring new experiences and parts of yourself to creating a more honest dynamic with your partner. However, it should not be something that you just dive into without thinking seriously about it.

You need to discuss the rules of how you are going to go about this with your partner. Talk about what’s off-limits, and what kind of commitments you both need. Are you going to be able to avoid feeling jealous or insecure? 

It’s not as easy as it sounds, but if you are both on the same page, then it could work for you!

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Is Will Smith in an open relationship?

Will Smith is in an open marriage with his wife Jada Pinkett Smith. Although they have avoided putting a label on it, they have both discussed trusting the other to do what they want and being open about what’s going on. They have been open in the media about finding the best way to stay committed.

Did Will Smith have a relationship outside his marriage?

Will Smith has always been coy about the details, but he has suggested in the past that Jada Pinkett is not the only one to have explored extramarital affairs. While Jada’s may have been more public, he has talked about how they have agreed that monogamy is not the only way to be in a happy marriage.

What is an open relationship?

An open relationship is where one or both of the partners are permitted to see and sleep with other people outside of the couple. There is often an understanding between the two partners where they agree on what is and what isn’t allowed, and to ensure that the central dynamic and any family responsibilities are unaffected.

Are there any benefits to an open relationship?

Being in an open relationship allows each partner to explore their own needs and desires without needing to go behind the other’s back. It can strengthen the bond between them as communication and honesty are crucial. You can learn more about yourself and meet new people that you never would have otherwise. 

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