The Rise Of Polyamory: Why 19% Of Brits Identify As Polyamorous

Did you know that 19% of UK adults identify as polyamorous, or non-monogamous? With the growing acceptance of non-traditional relationships, polyamory is becoming increasingly popular in the UK.

But what does polyamory mean, and what does it mean for traditional relationships?

If you are curious about whether polyamorous relationships could be the right fit for you or for you and your partner, read on to learn more about how and why more and more people are embracing this new identity.

There could be much more out there for you than you realise!

What Does it Mean to Identify as Polyamorous?

In the simplest terms, identifying as polyamorous means loving more than one partner. Traditional monogamous relationships are where you commit to just one partner at any one time, and polyamory is very different.

However, it is also important to note that identifying as polyamorous does not mean you don’t want to be in a relationship.

Many people mistake polyamory for simply wanting to pursue multiple sexual partners, but this is not the case.

The term polyamory does cover a lot of territories, but it commonly means that those who identify as polyamorous are in multiple romantic relationships at once.

It is also worth noting that polyamory is not limited to any one sexual orientation and that polyamorous relationships can include partners from all over the LGBTQIA+ spectrum.

One of the most important elements is that these relationships are open and honest and that emotional intimacy is as important as any other form.

Is Ethical Non-Monogamy the Same as Polyamory?

Ethical non-monogamy and polyamory are slightly different.

Ethical non-monogamy can also include having an open marriage or relationship, casual dating, casual sex, swapping partners or multiple committed relationships. It simply means that you are exploring open relationships, sexual encounters, or casual dating with the agreement of both partners

The most important element of ethical non-monogamous relationships is that both people know what each other is doing and consented to it. This is the main difference between it and cheating. 

Why is Polyamory Becoming So Popular?

Polyamory has become increasingly popular in the UK and around the world over the last few years.

Suppose you have logged onto a dating site recently. In that case, you may well have noticed that more and more people are identifying as polyamorous and are talking about open relationships and being open to exploring a poly relationship style.

So why is this boom in rejecting monogamy happening now?

1. People Are Embracing Non-Traditional Relationship Styles That Allow for Multiple Partners

One of the main reasons for the increased popularity of polyamory is that more and more people are challenging the old conceptions of what a relationship is and what it should be.

The idea that we should only ever love one person is fine for a lot of people, but, actually, there are many people who aren’t fully satisfied by what was known as ‘traditional’ relationships – or monogamous relationships.

In a polyamorous relationship, you can embrace a non-traditional relationship without worrying about hurting anyone. Everyone understands what is going on and is looking for the same thing, so there’s no threat of infidelity or any other problem that could arise in a monogamous relationship.

Love can take so many different forms, and sharing your relationship with more people does not make it any less valid. 

In fact, some people find that polyamory is the perfect way to allow them to explore their emotions and desires with multiple partners.

It can bring many benefits than ‘traditional’ relationships – but more on that later.

2. Allows People to Explore Their Sexuality Without Fear of Judgement

When you are with one person, it can sometimes feel like you are not able to explore your sexual identity fully. You are expected to act or behave in a certain way within the confinements of your relationship, and if you don’t, it can be seen as ‘cheating’ or ‘wrong’.

With polyamory, this isn’t the case. You are free to explore different relationships without fear of judgement, and you can move between partners without any worry.

Polyamory offers the partners involved the opportunity to truly explore themselves with people who are open-minded and looking for similar experiences. That could be exploring sexual experiences with people of the same gender or entering into an encounter with two other partners. It’s really up to you.

If you feel like you’re not able to explore the full range of your sexuality with just one partner, then polyamory might offer you the perfect opportunity.

3. It’s Becoming Easier to Connect with Others Who Share The Same Values

Dating apps and dating sites have made it easier than ever to connect with people who feel the same way that you do and who are looking for the same things.

Whereas before, it would be a difficult conversation that would have to be broached very carefully.

Now you can simply log on to your app or platform of choice and connect with potential partners who are seeking exactly the same type of relationship as you – no judgement and no fear of being misunderstood.

It has made it so much simpler for like-minded people to meet and explore polyamory in a safe, secure and responsible way – and that’s something that should be celebrated.

4. Wider Society is Becoming Increasingly Understanding and Accepting

While it may seem like there is still a very long way to go in terms of societal acceptance of relationships and sexual encounters that are outside of what many would consider the norm, the fact is that we have come a very long way.

With each passing year, wider society is becoming more understanding and accepting. People are making an effort to be more empathetic when it comes to these areas, which means that people are feeling more comfortable getting out there and expressing themselves.

As a result, more and more people feel like they can try something different. A major change is happening.

The Benefits of Being in a Polyamorous Relationship

If you are wondering whether you would want to try being in a polyamorous relationship, it is important to understand what it actually entails.

The non-traditional form comes with a lot of advantages and benefits beyond what you might assume. Let’s have a look at some of the most important.

1. Increased Closeness

While it may seem a little counter-intuitive to suggest that a relationship with more than one person would increase closeness with your partner, it is absolutely true.

A polyamorous relationship is, by its very nature, an open and communicative one, allowing everyone involved to feel completely comfortable as they are.

When you feel comfortable and confident in who you are, you will naturally share more about how you are doing and want your multiple partners to do the same.

2. More Intimacy and Variety

As you may expect, one of the biggest benefits of pursuing a polyamorous relationship is that you will experience much more variety and intimacy in your dating life.

With more than one partner, there is much more to explore, and you will be able to experience intimacy much more frequently. 

This is one of the biggest reasons why so many people out there are pursuing polyamorous relationships.

It can be very difficult if you feel as though your partner does not want the same things that you do, and if physical intimacy is less important to them than it is to you, then negative feelings may arise.

3. Improved Self-Awareness

Self-awareness is such an important thing that many people choose to ignore. If you are trying to fit yourself into one box, it can be easy to push aside the parts of yourself that do not match those expectations or those rules.

You may not even be aware that you have them, and you will never know what those frustrated feelings are about if you never allow them to surface. 

In a polyamorous relationship, you will develop a much clearer idea of not only what you want from a relationship but what you bring to it. You will understand more about your sexual identity as well as your own desires.

Thinking About Going Polyamorous? Here’s What to Consider

While you might be tempted to dive straight into the world of polyamorous dating, you’ll need to consider all aspects of what it might entail so that you can ensure that it is the right choice for you.

Think about the following factors:

  1. Think about whether you can avoid being jealous and whether you can stay honest.
  2. Think about whether you are ready to explore new things.
  3. Think about whether you can set boundaries and rules if you need to.
  4. Think about what it is that you want from polyamory.

However, the most important aspect of practising polyamory is to not be afraid – so just take the plunge if it feels right for you!

Summarising The Rise of Polyamory: Could You Be Non-Monogamous?

There are many different factors why polyamory is on the rise, and when you break them down it is very easy to see why so many people have been drawn to this type of relationship.

It is easier than ever to explore your needs and wants, and your own identity, and you can enjoy more intimacy, variety, and closeness with your partners.

If you feel like you may be ready to try non-monogamy, then head to Illicit Encounters.

Here, you can create a profile that details your situation and what you are looking for, and you can talk to like-minded people who are in the same situation.


Why polyamory is on the rise?

Polyamory is on the rise because more people are rejecting the conventional, outdated idea of what a relationship should look like. Society has become more accepting of alternative relationships, like polyamorous ones, and there are many dating sites that make it easier for people to search for multiple partners.

When did polyamorous become a thing?

Polyamory may seem like it has only just come along, but the truth is that it has been around longer than you think. Previously, people in open relationships and poly relationships would keep their love life secret, but it’s way more accepted and open now than it used to be.

People’s views on monogamy and non-monogamy have changed over the years, leading to more people embracing polyamory.

What percentage of the UK population is polyamorous?

Poly relationships are becoming increasingly popular, and according to a recent study, 19% of British people identified as polyamorous. There is no longer a need to hide your relationship preferences, and many people are now choosing to explore the world of polyamory.

Is polyamory a trend?

The short answer to this is no. Polyamory has been around in different forms for a long time. The difference now is that more people feel like they can not only be open about being in a polyamorous relationship but also try one if they want to.

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