How to start dating again

How to Start Dating Again: 5 Tips for Getting Back in the Game 

Whether you’ve been through a challenging and emotional breakup or divorce, or if you have been single for a long time, knowing how to start dating again can seem scary and overwhelming. 

The dating world has changed dramatically over the last few years, which can be seen both as a positive and negative. While online dating does make meeting someone much easier, sometimes talking to someone online is not as good as meeting them organically. 

Getting back into the dating game after being away for a while can sometimes be a difficult task. Not only can it be a struggle meeting someone new, but it can be quite emotional trying to move on from your difficult breakup. 

Because dating after a breakup comes with some difficulties, we have put together this article to give you some tips on how to get back in the game. Keep on reading to find out our 5 top tips!

1) Make Sure You Have Come to Terms With Your Past 

Come to terms with your past

No matter your relationship history, it’s important to take time and process any hurt or trauma you may have endured in the past. There is no way for you to move on in a healthy way unless you have processed your emotions from your previous relationship. 

Breakups are painful, and it can take months or even years before you are fully over it. 

It doesn’t matter how much time you take, but you should make sure that you have accepted your past situations. Once you have taken the time to accept your past, you can start to move on and form connections with other people.

You won’t be able to start dating with confidence until you have processed your emotions from your marriage or previous relationships. No one wants to date someone who is still holding on to their ex, so it is important that you have given yourself enough time to heal from your past. 

2) Understand What You Want to Gain From Dating Again 

Understand what you want from dating

Whether you’re looking to move on and start a long-term relationship, want to casually date and get to know people or simply want someone to talk to and vent your feelings with, it’s important to understand what you want before making a start. 

Understanding what you want from a relationship can help you form meaningful connections in a healthy and mature way. 

Before you get back into the dating game, here are some questions you can ask yourself:

What are your expectations? 

Dating expectations

This is an important question to ask yourself before you start dating someone new. The dating world might have changed a lot since the last time you were single, so it is essential that you understand what you actually want from going on dates. Knowing what you want will allow you to meet the right people.

How long do you want to wait until you’re exclusive with someone? 

Waiting to date

This is a question you should have with yourself before you go on dates, as it will help you navigate your way through the dating world. If you know you want something exclusive in the future, then having your own idea of when you want the relationship to become exclusive will be beneficial.

Are you looking for something serious or more casual? There are many benefits to having a casual relationship, but it is important that if you want casual encounters, you make this clear to the person you are dating. Your intentions for the relationship should be clear very early on in the dating stage.

What kind of relationship do you want? 

What kind of relationship do you want?

Ultimately this is the most important question to ask yourself. Understanding your wants and needs from dating will allow you to find the right people to date, and it can help you have a healthy relationship.

3) Don’t Limit Yourself, But Set Boundaries 

Set your boundaries

Keep your pool of potential partners wide can help you when you are getting back in the dating scene. Although you may want to go for someone similar to your previous partner, having this attitude and a narrow-minded view can actually be a detriment when it comes to dating. 

Having an idea of what type of relationship you’re aiming to achieve is important to make sure it’s something both parties are happy with. You must be clear with your intentions when you start dating someone new, as this will help you form connections with like-minded people.

Communicate your intentions and expectations both verbally and with body language. Any relationship, whether it’s casual or serious, must have open communication in order for it to work. 

No one wants to be with someone who is closed off and emotionally unavailable, so you must be willing to communicate your intentions and expectations with your date. Being open will allow you both to form a trusting relationship.

4) Explore New Relationship Avenues 

Explore ways of dating

Knowing how to start dating again can mean taking a step out of your comfort zone, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing! If you have been in a long-term relationship, then you have been in your comfort zone for a while, so now is the time to step out of it and try something new.

Consider attending events, joining online dating websites or apps, volunteering in social groups or going to meetup events. Dating doesn’t have to be boring; there are so many different ways to meet new people and form connections – you just need to put yourself out there. 

The internet has made dating so much easier, so if you feel like you need a bit of practice, then perhaps start casually chatting with people on dating apps.

The modern dating world has a vast array of options, so even if you’re looking for specific qualities or traits, there’s something out there for you. The great thing about online dating is that you can be more selective with who you speak to, as you can match with people based on their profile. This can be a lot less daunting than meeting up with someone in person for the first time. 

5) Pace Yourself and Practice Self-Care 

Practice self care

Once you feel confident that you know how to start dating again, it can be exciting to jump in. Although dating after a breakup can be a little daunting, it can also be very exciting too! You have the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people who can make you happy.

However, be mindful not to overextend yourself and don’t feel like you have to see every person who has expressed an interest in you. Dating apps can get a little crazy, and you may feel pressured to engage with everyone who shows you interest. 

However, it is important not to put too much pressure on yourself, as this could make you burnt out.

Be sure to practice self-care and take breaks when needed; this will help keep your spirits up. If you find the new world of dating to be too much, take some time away from the apps and give yourself some much-needed self-care. 

Final Thoughts: How to Start Dating Again After Being Out of the Game 

How to start dating again

It can be hard to stay positive when you feel like you’re back at square one, but the key is to take your time and understand what it is that you are looking for. 

You do not have to jump straight back into dating, but if you do want to get back into the dating game, then make sure you understand what you want from this situation. You may find that there are a lot of people in similar situations to you, so remember to be open and honest about your intentions. 

Do not pressure yourself to find a relationship straight away; instead, take your time and enjoy being single

The most important thing you can do is practice self-care and ensure that your boundaries and expectations are clear from the outset. Understanding who you are and what you want from dating will allow you to explore dating in a healthy and mature way. 

If at any point you feel too overwhelmed with the dating scene, take a step back and give yourself a break from it for a while. Then, once you feel ready to continue, you can feel happier in your dating decisions. 


An easy way to start dating with no experience is to try online dating. Thankfully, there are plenty of free dating sites that make it easy for you to meet someone new and form romantic connections. 

Everyone has to start somewhere, so if you are new to dating, then it is important to not put too much pressure on yourself and instead just take things slow.  

Dating can be hard in the beginning, especially for someone just out of a long-term relationship. The reason for this is that you may feel inexperienced, or you may still be mourning your old relationship. Although it may be hard in the beginning, taking things slow and understanding your boundaries can help make dating a lot easier.

It’s up to you! There is no rule that dictates when someone should start dating after a breakup, so you should just listen to your heart and mind and make the decision for yourself. Even if you jump straight into dating, you can always take breaks, so there is really no pressure on you to date after a breakup.

It is only a bad idea if you are not emotionally ready. If you have had a rough breakup, then you should definitely take some time to process your emotions before you get back onto the dating scene. 

You are the one who dictates when dating after a breakup is right, so make sure you don’t feel any pressure from anyone else. 

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