Best Places to Meet for Affairs

Best Places to Meet for Affairs: Our Favourite Romantic & Seductive Spots

Whether you’re just starting to explore affair dating or you’re looking for new places to go with your existing affair partner, we’ve got you covered. From starting an affair to maintaining passion, we’ve rounded up some of our site members’ favourite places to meet for affairs.

We’ve split these into romantic affair spots and seductive affair spots so you can find the perfect atmosphere for your chosen rendezvous.

So, leave your worries behind and get ready to indulge in a little bit of romance and adventure.

Here’s a quick overview of the best places to meet up for your affair:

Romantic Affair SpotsSeductive Affair Spots
Coffee Shops
A Park
A Hotel
A Bar
Your Car

Best Places to Meet an Affair Partner

The first step in exploring an affair as a married person or with a married person is to find someone to date. 

Although you can go the traditional route and hope a romance is sparked over the office coffee machine or at your local bar, it’s much easier if you actively seek someone out. And that way, you know the person is 100% committed and invested in exploring this route, rather than taking your chances and risking a sticky situationship.

Affair Dating Sites

Illicit Encounters Website

The safest and simplest place to meet an affair partner is through an affair dating site like us at Illicit Encounters.

Affair dating sites are different from your average Tinder app. They’re full of people who are looking to indulge in married dating.

Our dating site for married people is easier to navigate when you’re looking for this specific type of relationship, but it’s also a safe space for like-minded people to connect and get to know each other. There’s over 1.6 million people!

You don’t have to worry about being judged for what you’re looking for, which makes the whole process much more enjoyable.

Romantic Places to Meet Up for an Affair

Once you’ve begun an affair, whether from affair dating sites, a regular dating site or your regular life, you need to find some places to meet up with each other.

Of course, having an affair is about excitement and thrill, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for some romance, too! Here are some of our top recommendations for romantic places to meet up for an affair.

1. Coffee Shops

Coffee Shop Date Sport

A typical date spot is a coffee shop. This might not be quite as discreet as you would expect for a casual dating location, but it works perfectly.

There are two ways to have a romantic meet-up with your affair partner at a coffee shop.

  • Hiding in plain sight. You don’t always have to sneak around in the shadows to keep your affair under wraps. Confidently attending your local coffee shop can be the perfect way to keep things secret. Of course, this requires a certain level of confidence and self-restraint from both of you.
  • Take a trip. We’re not talking about a romantic getaway here (unless that’s what you’re both into!); simply a short drive to a coffee shop a couple of towns over. This gives you enough distance from your local area without being too time-consuming. Travelling just a short distance to a coffee shop gives you the freedom to have a more romantic coffee date without arousing suspicion.

2. A Restaurant

Couple Eating At A Restaurant On A Date

Of course, a restaurant is always a romantic option for casual dating. This requires a similar approach to a coffee shop date – you can stay close to home and try to keep your hands to yourself as much as possible, or you can take a short drive to give yourself more freedom to be more open with your affection.

If you’re looking to keep your affair a secret from your spouse, make sure to avoid restaurants that require a reservation and keep track of your receipts to avoid unnecessary issues.

3. A Local Park

Couple Walking In A Park On A Date

Married dating can help you feel like you’re young and carefree again and nowhere helps you feel like that more than a romantic park.

Whether you just want to spend some time together or you’re going to go all out with a classic picnic, there are fewer romantic places than being curled up together in the shade of a large tree.

Seductive Places to Meet Up for an Affair

Married dating isn’t just about being romantic and courting someone. The sexual side of extramarital affairs is just as important. We’ve put together some of our favourite seductive places to meet up with a partner for discreet affair dating.

1. A Bar

Couple drinking at a bar on a date

Obviously, you can’t get down to business in the middle of a bar, but it can be the perfect place to begin your seduction. Meeting up in a trendy bar is the best way to either pretend you’re in an exclusive relationship or role-play as strangers you have just met.

There are actually hidden bars and restaurants, especially in London, where you can sneak away from the everyday hustle for some extra special time. 

Some of the best hidden bars in London include:

  • The Blind Pig (Soho)
  • Bruno’s Bar (Regent’s Canal)
  • Nine Lives (close to London Bridge train station)
  • Phoenix Arts Club (Soho)

2. A Hotel

Couple relaxing at a hotel on a date

Of course, there’s always the classic option of going to a hotel or motel. This is a seductive place to meet up for an affair because it gives you both privacy and the ability to let loose without worrying about anyone else finding out.

Make sure to book in advance and choose a location that’s convenient for both of you, preferably one that neither of you has been to before with a spouse. And don’t forget to discuss who will be paying for the room and whether you’re going to be using aliases for the booking.

3. Your Vehicle

Couple driving and having fun

If you’re looking for something a bit more exciting than just dating married people, meeting up in your vehicle can amp up the seduction tenfold. Of course, there are a few things you need to be careful of when looking to meet up and potentially hook up with your affair partner in a car.

Tips for getting down in a vehicle:

  • Always choose an area that’s discreet and secluded, away from traffic and pedestrians
  • Lock the doors if you’re in an unfamiliar area
  • Make the deed quick. This isn’t the time for long love-making
  • Make sure to clean up any evidence, especially if you share the car with your spouse

Keeping Things On the Down Low

Regardless of your relationship status, it’s important to keep any affair with married people as discreet as possible. This not only protects your own reputation but also respects the privacy of your affair partner. 

Here are some tips for maintaining discretion in your affair.

  • Always use encrypted messaging apps or platforms to communicate with your affair partner.
  • Try to avoid public displays of affection, especially in places where you might be seen by people who know you.
  • Be careful not to leave any physical evidence behind when meeting up or engaging in sexual activities.
  • Avoid using work-related email addresses for communication or giving too many personal details.

Remember, the goal is to keep things on the down low and prevent people from finding out and causing upset.

affair meet up office

Meeting Up for Extramarital Affairs to Keep Things Interesting

Extramarital affairs can be a thrilling and seductive escape, providing a break from day-to-day routines. However, the importance of discretion cannot be understated. Whether you meet through an affair dating site or a regular online platform, maintaining an element of secrecy is crucial.

From coffee shops and restaurants to parks and hotels, there are myriad places to meet up that offer just the right blend of romance and seduction. Yet, keeping your affair under wraps requires careful planning and circumspection.

Be sure to choose your rendezvous spots carefully, communicate discreetly, and always clean any evidence of your liaisons.

If you’re ready to step into the world of extramarital affairs, check out Illicit Encounters, one of the best dating websites for married people.


What Are Some Safe Ways to Meet Someone for an Affair?

Safe ways to meet someone for an affair include using dedicated affair dating sites like Illicit Encounters, which cater specifically to individuals seeking extramarital relationships. These sites provide a judgement-free and discreet environment. Additionally, always meet in public places initially for safety, communicate via encrypted messaging apps, and avoid sharing too many personal details.

What Precautions Should I Take When Using Dating Sites for Affairs?

When using dating sites for affairs, it’s essential to protect your privacy. Opt for encrypted messaging apps for communication, and never use your work email or any apps that your partner has access to. Regularly update your privacy settings and use a separate email address for registration. Lastly, be cautious of scams and fake profiles.

How Do I Maintain Discretion When Meeting My Affair Partner in Public?

Maintaining discretion when meeting your affair partner in public places involves being cautious and selective about your meeting locations. Choose places that are not frequented by people you know. Refrain from public displays of affection and use separate transportation if possible. Always remain vigilant about your surroundings and be prepared with a plausible reason for your meeting if you unexpectedly bump into someone you know.

How Can I Keep My Affairs Communications Confidential?

The best way to keep your conversations with potential affair partners is to use an encrypted messaging app or to communicate via your affair dating site’s messaging feature. This way, other people won’t be able to access your conversations and catch you out.

How Can I Keep My Extramarital Affairs Interesting?

One of the driving forces for people having affairs is excitement, but that needs to be maintained within an affair, too. To keep things interesting, try out different locations and scenarios for your rendezvous with your affair partner. Get creative and keep the spark alive by indulging in role-play or trying new things in the bedroom.

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