Love and dating on the world wide web

These days it seems as though anything and everything starts online and dating is no different. It is said that 1 in 3 relationships begin online. In 2035 it is predicted that this will increase to over 50% (according to the ONS). With these shocking statistics, it is fair to say, upping your online dating game is of high importance if you want to stand a chance at success.

How do I find the perfect match? I hear you ask. Here are my top tips for online dating

Write a Good Profile
There are thousands of millions of people looking for romance online. When writing your profile you have to think outside of the box. What is going to make you stand out from the crowd?

Brainstorm a list of your attributes, interests and achievements and condense them so they are easy to digest. A potential match is going to be interested in what the two of you have in common, as well as what they can expect from a relationship with you. Although it is worth including lots of information about yourself, some things are better left unsaid, leaving room for more communication further down the line.

Be honest. I cannot stress this enough. You can write the most irresistible profile, but if it’s not really you, you’re going to attract people that aren’t a good match for you and you will both be disappointed further down the line.

Ultimately, express yourself, let your personality, wit, and charm shine through your profile and you will be one step closer to attracting that special somebody.

Peak interest with your chat!
Joined a dating site and then didn’t talk to anyone? Good luck with that. You’re never going to find a match.

You must send messages. Send plenty of messages, but don’t scrimp on the quality. Quality messages are attention grabbers. Skip out on the small talk, it’s boring. Dig deep in your chat. Ask meaningful questions. Use humour to your advantage. Most of all, don’t be that ‘Hi, how are you? Where are you from?’ type of person, it lacks imagination.

Upload a variety of photos
None of us want to admit it, but we all make instant judgments based on somebody’s photos. You may laugh about it, but these things are so ingrained in our psyche that our minds will automatically stereotype certain types of images. Do they have a pet in their picture? Aw, so sweet and caring. Surrounded by friends? Sociable and likeable. Suited and booted? Successful and smart. Only posts pictures lifting weights? Gym-acholic. Only posts filtered pics? Probably doesn’t look anything like that in real life! The list goes on. 

Think carefully about what types of photos you are posting and how they could be interpreted. If you want to cater to more people and give yourself the best chance at romance, use variety in your images. Include photos of your face, full body, with friends, on holiday, glammed up, active/casual wear etc… Have some fun with it.  Let your photos show what type of person you are. Doing things that you love in your pictures is bound to attract the right kind of match.

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