The Ins & Outs of Our UK Married Dating Site: What To Do & NOT To Do

If you’re in a marriage that you feel is lacking in excitement, married dating could be a great way to find the spark you’re looking for. While it might seem intimidating or wrong to explore dating other people whilst you’re in a relationship, it can actually be a great way to reignite the romance in your life.

It is thought that actually around “six out of ten marriages are unhappy”, so you shouldn’t feel guilty or ashamed for not being satisfied in your current relationship.

After all, your happiness is important, and married dating in the UK can be a great way to achieve that.

Affair dating allows you to explore what you could gain from being in a relationship with someone other than your spouse and fill the void of whatever you have been missing in your married life.

Because there are so many married people who feel a lack of passion in their married lives, married dating UK sites are becoming more and more sought after.

Illicit Encounters is one of the Best Affair Dating Sites

Best affair dating sites

We here at Illicit Encounters recognise this and offer married people the chance to meet like-minded individuals who could be great potential partners and give you exactly what you’re missing.

Whether that’s exploring other serious relationships or temporary flings, or casual dating, married dating through us can help you discover the passion and pleasure that you’re missing.

Feel like you want to explore married dating for yourself? You can sign up for our affair dating site right here and start searching for potential partners today!

What to Do When Using a Married Dating Site

However, before doing so, it’s important to understand the ins and outs of married dating in the UK.

Married affair dating sites are not the same as regular dating sites, and there are a few important things you should be aware of so that you have the best chance of finding the perfect partner for your discreet affair

When you’re using our online dating service, we want you to have the best success with your extra-marital affairs – so we’ve listed our best tips for using married dating sites in the UK.

1. Manage Your Expectations 

Entering a new phase of your life is exciting! Whether you have plucked up the courage, to be honest about your married dating desires or you have decided to remain discreet, married dating can provide a new and thrilling experience.

But it’s important that you don’t go into the situation with extremely high expectations that the first person you meet will be your perfect married match.

The reality is that you may have to meet multiple married people until you find the one who is right for you, so it’s important not to put too much pressure on yourself from the outset.

Luckily for you, we have over 1 million married men and married women using our married affairs site, so the chances of you finding someone are pretty high – as long as you’re not too picky! 

2. Be As Open-Minded As You Can

Be open-minded using married dating UK sites

It is important that you stay open-minded when using married dating sites.

The married person that you meet might not be exactly what you had in mind, but if the chemistry is right and the conversation flows easily, then it could still be worth pursuing.

Don’t write someone off just because they don’t fit your ideal married partner ‘type’.

You’re searching for something that you’re missing, aren’t you? So don’t be too rigid when searching, and you may find that married person who can fill the gap in your life.

3. Be Discreet and Respectful

Be discreet

Finally, married affair dating is all about discretion – so it’s important that you take measures to keep your privacy – and your affair partner’s privacy.

When married online dating, it’s important to be respectful of your married affair partners and their situation. They could have a lot riding on keeping their married life private, so show them respect by maintaining confidentiality in terms of who you tell about your married affair and when.

And don’t forget to have fun – married dating can be a great way to explore new and exciting avenues in your married life, so don’t let the seriousness of discretion overshadow your enjoyment!

Our number one rule for married dating is to have fun! Using affair sites should be a chance to find a bit of happiness and satisfaction outside of your married life, not a source of worry or stress.

What Not To Do When Using A Married Dating Site

Of course, there are also some important things to avoid when married dating too. It can seem tricky to navigate married online dating, so here are some of our top married affairs ‘no-nos’:

1. Don’t Lie About Your Intentions

Don't lie about your intentions

As the saying goes, ‘honesty is the best policy‘  – and married dating sites are no exception.

A discreet relationship can be a great way to help fill the void in your married life, but it’s important that you don’t lie about its nature.

If your married affair partner is looking for something more serious, but you’re just after some casual married dating, then it’s important to make that clear from the outset.

2. Don’t Rush Into Anything

This is a key married dating tip, as rushing into anything can lead to disaster.

Take your time getting to know married people and build an initial relationship before taking things to the next level – especially with married women who may be more guarded and hesitant to jump straight in.

There will be tons of like-minded people on our affairs site looking for the exact same thing that you are, but remember that you need to take your time and get to know other married people properly before taking things further.

3. Don’t Compromise Your Morals

Don't compromise your morals

One of the most important married dating tips is not compromising your morals or values.

While most people consider affairs to be a bit of fun, it’s important that married dating isn’t taken too lightly.

If you find yourself in an affair with someone who doesn’t have your best interests at heart or is pressuring you into something that you’re not comfortable with, then it’s time to call it off and move on.

Summary: The Best Way to Use an Affair Dating Site

Using an affair dating site

Affair dating sites can be a great way to explore married online dating, but it’s important to take the right steps.

Be sure, to be honest about your intentions and take things slow with married people. Respect married affair partners, and don’t compromise on your morals or values.

And above all else, remember to have fun! Married dating in the UK can be a great way to find new and exciting avenues in married life, so don’t forget to enjoy it.

Sign up to our married dating site today and explore married online dating with us. We’re here to help you find a married person who can make all your married life dreams come true!


The best married dating site for married people in the UK is our married dating site. We offer discreet married affairs and have a wide range of like-minded married people looking for married dating.

Yes, married dating sites are becoming increasingly popular in the UK – and our married dating site is one of the best. Whether you’re married and looking for married people or a married person looking for married dating, our married affair website can cater to your needs.

Married men may go on married dating sites for a variety of reasons. It could be that they’re looking to spice up their married life, or they may be looking for something more serious. Whatever married man’s motivation is, married dating sites are a great way to explore married online dating.

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