How to keep the Spark Alive in a LDR!

Long-distance relationships are tough. Physical distance presents a ton of problems. Having to steer through life apart, not being able to have as many shared experiences or quality time together. That’s not to mention other complications with long-distance, like being in totally different time zones!

Needless to say, being physically apart from your other half can cause intimacy problems. How do you keep the spark alive in a long-distance relationship? Communication is key.

Take photos, have video calls and send naughty messages. Creating anticipation around sex is going to bring you closer together.

Local sexting is literally a fantasy of some peoples and you get an opportunity to fulfill that fantasy with your long-distance lover. Use it to your advantage, it may well bring you and your partner much closer together. Giving you the chance to express yourself in a safe space and perhaps discover some new things about yourselves and your desires.

There is no real skill in sending a sexy text. Simply be yourself and be open and honest with your partner. Let your mind run wild discussing the things you both wish you could be doing to one another. Play out scenarios as if you were together. 

Take the reigns and be dominant in your conversation, see if your partner enjoys it! Discuss what turns you on – any fantasies or kinks?

Passion in a relationship is something that requires effort. You have married couples who live together who have allowed the spark to leave their relationship and they don’t even have any distance between them. You have got to use your imagination and put a little effort into your relationship in order to keep the sexual interest and intimacy alive. Long distance actually provides you with the ideal scenario to get a little experimental with your sex life. 

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