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Beating the Odds – Why Married Affairs Don’t Always Lead to Divorce

When it comes to married affairs, the odds are usually not in favour of the couple staying together. In fact, most affairs end in divorce. However, there are some couples who manage to beat the odds and stay together despite having an affair.

That being said, you should be cautious when approaching an extramarital affair if you want your marriage to last. If your partner is unaware that you’re considering an affair, this is most likely to result in the end of a relationship. 

Being honest about considering or entering into married affairs can help maintain trust in a relationship, which is vital for long-term relationship success. Informing your spouse of your affair is a deeply personal choice, and honesty or dishonesty will have different implications for your relationship.

In this blog post, we will look at the various ways that an affair could benefit a marriage and how to open yourself up to an affair while giving your marriage the best shot at success.  

Can Add Excitement To a Stale Relationship 

Married affairs can be fun

One of the leading causes of affairs is feeling stagnant in your marriage. An affair can add some spark back into your life and, by extension, your marriage. This is particularly true if you both are keen to explore affairs to bring some new spice to your relationship. 

Variety is the spice of life! A little change can go a long way in keeping things exciting in a relationship, and bringing someone new into your relationship or having an affair can open you up to new experiences and adventures. It can also show you new ideas and tricks for the bedroom and beyond. 

If you’re feeling stagnant in your relationship, adding some new excitement can help revive it. Sometimes, stale relationships need something significant to change the status quo. An affair can be the ideal thing to make your marriage feel new again.  

Be open to new experiences and adventures together – it can add a whole new level of fun to your relationship. Seeking out a partner for an affair with the help of your spouse can certainly add a whole new level of trust and excitement to your relationship. You could even find someone to start a relationship with together.  

Help Improve Communication Within a Marriage 

Married affairs can improve communication

For people hoping to have an affair within a marriage that will not result in divorce, open communication is critical. You will need to be clear with your spouse about your reasons for considering an affair and be open to listening to their thoughts and feelings about it. 

Clear communication is key in any relationship, and this is especially true for marriages. Any first step towards an affair should begin with an open conversation. You should explain why you want to try an affair and how you think it will benefit the relationship. 

Improving communication means being willing to listen to what they have to say. For the affair to benefit your relationship, you should listen to what the other thinks and feels about it. Avoid rushing to judgement and acknowledge the feelings your partner expresses. Everything that may occur in the affair should be discussed and agreed upon.  

Married affairs open up a new pathway to conversations and communications between you and your spouse. Starting the conversation around affairs is often the hardest part. Once you have done this, you may find it easier to open up about other difficult topics in your marriage. Keep an open mind, and show your spouse that you recognise and understand their feelings.  

Help Reignite The Spark In a Marriage 

Married affairs can improve your marriage

It is easy to lose the spark in a marriage – familiarity, work commitments and children can all cause a decline in the excitement of a relationship. It is vital to find ways to reignite that spark to help your relationship stand the test of time.  

Married affairs can help reignite the spark by providing a new source of excitement. An affair, even one that is agreed upon, can feel like something naughty or forbidden. The thrill you get from an affair can be an incredible way to spice up your marriage and keep the chemistry sizzling.  

Married affairs can help reignite the spark by giving spouses a chance to explore their sexuality and reconnect. If things are feeling a bit staid in the bedroom, introducing a new sexual partner into the mix can be a great way to explore. This could be a partner you share or one for each spouse. You could look into sexual ideas and practices that have always interested you with a partner with more experience.  

Married affairs can further help reignite the spark by providing an avenue for couples to resolve underlying issues. If you’re already having emotionally challenging discussions about affairs with your partner, these conversations will give you the tools to discuss other possible issues in the relationship or the bedroom.  

Provide An Outlet For Sexual Needs 

Married affairs provide a sexual outlet

Every person is unique and has their own unique requirements for the regularity and type of sex they have with partners. It can cause difficulties in a marriage if these needs are not adequately met.  

Married affairs can help fulfil sexual needs that may not be met within the confines of a marriage. One of the most common underlying issues for marriages is a difference in libido. If you have a higher or lower libido than your partner, but your relationship is otherwise strong, then bringing in a new partner to fulfil any needs that aren’t being met is ideal.  

Married affairs can provide an outlet for sexual exploration and experimentation. Adding new things to the bedroom can help keep the spark alive, but it can often be difficult to introduce new things into an established relationship. An affair can give one or both spouses the opportunity to explore new things in a safe environment – and bring back all they learn to the marriage bed.  

An Escape From Daily Life Stresses 

Married affairs can reduce stress

Married life can come with all kinds of stresses, from kids to financial worries to home maintenance. It is healthy for both people in a marriage to find health stress relief and time for themselves. When properly discussed and planned, an affair could be just the thing for your relationship.  

Affairs can provide a distraction from daily life stresses. Sometimes we all need something to take our minds off life’s distractions, and our partners may not always be the best people to help us with this. An affair brings someone into your life separate from the day-to-day of your marriage, offering an outlet for your stress and an objective person to talk to.  

Married affairs can provide an outlet for emotions that are not otherwise expressed. Having someone you trust to talk about your feelings is crucial in any marriage. Many people find it easier to open up to someone else before they feel able to discuss their emotions with a spouse, so talking things through with someone new to your relationship could be ideal.  

They can provide a sense of excitement and adventure that is not otherwise available. Many things about married life are predictable and constant. This is a positive in many ways but can also have downsides.

If you need that feeling of excitement that a new relationship creates without taking away from the comfort and familiarity of your marriage, then an affair is ideal.  

Final Thoughts: The Success Of Married Affairs 

Benefits of married affairs

Married affairs can actually help improve communication within a marriage, reignite the spark, and provide an outlet for sexual needs. For some couples, married affairs can be a way to escape from the stresses of daily life.

If you’re considering having an affair, then you will need to communicate openly and honestly with your partner. This is the best possible way to avoid your marriage ending in divorce. Illicit Encounters has a community of potential partners looking for the same things that you are. If you want to explore a married affair, then sign up today.

You should start discussing the topic before you make any steps towards finding someone to enter into an affair with. Let your partner know why you’re considering an affair and how you think it might benefit your relationship. Let them know that they are free to enter into an extramarital affair of their own if they like the idea.


An affair can help to spice up your marriage, keep communication strong and open, and help you explore your emotions and sexuality. Married affairs can help reduce the risks of marriages falling apart because of a lack of excitement or a difference in libido. The benefits you see in your relationship will depend on how honest and open you are with each other and how solid the foundations of your relationship are.

 It can! If you are considering entering into an affair, communication is vital. You’ll need to set boundaries and guidelines to ensure that the affair is beneficial to both of you. Once you start talking about difficult emotions and topics like an affair, you will often find it easier to open up about other things.

Adding a new sexual partner into the mix, even one that only has contact with one spouse, can add some essential excitement to a relationship. The new sexual partner may be able to teach you some tricks and tools in the bedroom or give you advice on how to better please your partner.

One of the biggest dangers of a married affair is the risk of catching feelings for your affair partner. This can be a difficult obstacle for your spouse and you to overcome. Failing to be honest about your affair is another major danger. You should also protect against STIs when interacting with any new sexual partner.

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