Best Dating Apps For Polyamory

Tried And Tested: 7 Best Dating Apps For Polyamory Dating!

The polyamorous community is growing rapidly. We’re no longer living in a world where a monogamous relationship is the only option: relationship styles are becoming increasingly diverse, and people from all walks of life are embracing polyamory dating.

In fact, across the United States, “roughly 4-5% of the population practices polyamory”, according to 2021 research.

But trying to find other polyamorous singles can be a little tricky. How do you find other people with the same relationship values? 

The best way to do this is through online dating apps and websites, as these platforms are specifically designed for such a purpose.

But finding the best apps for polyamory dating can be easier said than done.

Everyone has their own specific things they are looking for, and you need to ensure that you find the right one.

Luckily, we’ve reviewed the best poly dating apps of 2023 to help you find the best match.

PricingFeaturesSign Up ProcessOverall Score /15
Ok Cupid44412
Ashley Madison34310

1. Illicit Encounters

Illicit Encounters is a site that provides a safe space for married men and women to date and explore their options with each other and has been running since 2003.

At Illicit Encounters, you can create a profile that explains what you are looking for and know that the people you are talking to are in the same situation. (they have over 1.5 million members!)

You have the freedom to say whether you are looking for a polyamorous encounter or something different. Users can chat with each other before meeting in person to make sure that they connect, and privacy is of the utmost importance.

“After a few false starts I found IE, which turns out to be the best online dating site for married people.” – RogerG2012

“I wrote my profile one night and by the next night had received so many wonderful responses. However, one stood out and we met the very next day. I’m now at the start of the most thrilling, romantic affair with the most amazing gentleman. I can’t believe how lucky I’ve been.” – Charlotte Bronte

I like this site and, as a woman, I feel confident that the men are genuine.” – Lucy9033

Illicit Encounters Screenshot
PricingFeaturesSign Up ProcessOverall Score /15
Score /544513

You can sign up to Illicit Encounters right here.

2. OkCupid

Next up is OKCupid. The first thing to note about this dating app is that it is specifically geared towards people who want a relationship.

Polyamory dating and long-term commitments are not mutually exclusive, but this one may not be for you if you’re looking for casual dating.

When you sign up for OKCupid, you will go through a personality quiz that will create a percentage match for other users.

It’s also worth noting that there are many premium benefits you can only access if you pay a membership fee.

PricingFeaturesSign Up ProcessOverall Score /15
Score /544412

3. Feeld

Feeld has enjoyed a massive boom in popularity recently because it actively caters to people looking for polyamory dating and encounters – whether that’s a one-off threesome or a long-term third partner to be a part of a long-term relationship.

Feeld’s USP is all about giving you the freedom to look for what you want without being put into any specific box. You can completely curate your profile to reflect what type of polyamory dating you’re looking for.

If you are unsure about the level of commitment, you are looking for, this could be the best dating site for poylamory for you as it will give you the flexibility to explore all of your options.

PricingFeaturesSign Up ProcessOverall Score /15
Score /543411
Polyamorous Romance

4. Ashley Madison

If you are interested in exploring a polyamorous affair outside of the confines of your marriage, then you could think about Ashely Madison.

Ashley Madison has made a fair few headlines over the years, and it is aimed at people who are looking to have an extra-marital affair.

However, there’s no denying that it can be quite expensive, especially as the pricing structure is a little labyrinthine. So if you’re searching for polyamorous dating sites that are free or on the cheaper end, this probably isn’t your best choice.

PricingFeaturesSign Up ProcessOverall Score /15
Score /534310
Bisexual dating

5. BiCupid

As the name suggests, BiCupid is a dating app that is geared towards bisexual men and women who are looking for dating and fun. The focus is a little narrower than you would find on Feeld, but you still have plenty of options.

One thing to note about BiCupid is that it is – for the most part – a dating and hook-up app. So, if you are looking for a serious polyamorous relationship, this may not be the best choice, as you’ll probably be faced with partners who don’t quite fit the exact requirements.

And nobody wants to waste their time with failed matches.

However, suppose you are new to the polyamory game and just simply want to explore every possible avenue. In that case, BiCupid could be a great option to start with.

PricingFeaturesSign Up ProcessOverall Score /15
Score /544311

6. Open

Open is a more recent app than some of the dating sites that are on this list, and it is aimed at people who are not into monogamy. Here, you will find users who are looking for polyamorous dating, ethical non-monogamy, or open.

It is, as the name suggests, committed to providing a judgement-free space when it comes to kink, and it is LGBTQIA+ friendly.

It’s also worth noting that you can create a shared account with a partner if you are looking for a third person to join you, that both of you can chat, and that you can have a joint and shared account simultaneously, which is perfect for couples who want to explore polyamory.

PricingFeaturesSign Up ProcessOverall Score /15
Score /5347
Happy Polyamory Dating

7. PolyFinda

PolyFinda was created by people who are from the polyamory dating community in the UK – so you can be pretty confident that the features of the website are tailored to what you’re hoping to find.

When you join, it will ask you for information about yourself, whether you are in a relationship right now, and what kind of experiences you are looking for. 

You can get really specific about what it is you are looking for so that you don’t have to sift through matches that aren’t looking for the same thing.

However, there are some reviews out there that have criticised the usability of this polyamorous dating app and the lengthy sign-up process.

PricingFeaturesSign Up ProcessOverall Score /15
Score /53328

But What Exactly is a Polyamorous Relationship? And Are You Ready for It?

A polyamorous relationship is a committed relationship that involves more than two people. Everyone involved in the relationship is aware of the other partners and is happy to share their love with each other.

For some, it may be more than just dating – living together, raising children together and being a family are all possibilities with polyamory.

For some people, monogamous relationships simply don’t provide the level of connection that they are looking for, so they turn to polyamory.

The idea that a loving relationship can or should be limited to one primary partner is an outdated one, and many people have found immense satisfaction and growth in polyamorous relationships.

If you are thinking of trying polyamory, then it is important to ask yourself if you’re ready for it.

You can read more about the rise in polyamory in our blog post here

Summary: Best Polyamorous Dating Apps in 2023 Ranked 

The best polyamorous dating site for you may well depend on what you are looking for and what your current situation is.

Are you looking for a relationship or a casual encounter? Is this an adventure that you are embarking on with your partner or something that you are exploring by yourself?

These questions are important because answering honestly will dictate whether you find the perfect people for you. If you are married and want to explore polyamorous dating, then look at some of the user stories at Illicit Encounters.


What are the best poly-friendly dating sites?

There are a lot of poly-friendly dating sites, and the best one for you will depend on what you want from it. Apps such as OKCupid are best if you want a relationship, while Feeld could be good for exploring specific options.

Illicit Encounters is perfect for anyone who wants to try married dating in a poly-friendly context.

Is there an app for Poly dating?

There are many different dating sites for poly couples out there for. Some of the biggest dating apps have poly dating options, or you could think about trying an app that is specifically created for polyamorous individuals or couples.

Check out reviews to find one that is right for you and think about what you want from your experience. 

How do I find a polyamorous relationship UK?

The best way to find a polyamorous relationship in the UK is to use a polyamorous dating app and to be clear about what you want. Many dating apps are aimed at casual encounters and hook-ups, so choose the right one. You also need to state what you are looking for in your profile so that you don’t get matched with the wrong person.

Many of these polyamarous dating sites are free with the option for paid membership benefits, so you can find one that suits your budget.

How do I find a polyamorous partner?

Online polyamorous dating sites and apps are a great way to find a polyamorous partner. You can create a profile that details who you are and what you are into and swipe through other users to find someone who you think could be a match.

Remember that there are lots of people out there, and don’t be afraid to take a chance!

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