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Married affair uk
Marriage Affairs

The Truth About Being Involved in a Married Affair As Told By Our Users

A YouGov poll in 2015 showed that “one in five British adults admitted to having had an affair”, with “20% having had three or more and 8% having had five or more”. While it’s something that many of us think of as wrong and immoral, the fact is that affairs still happen. But what is […]

Why Do People Have Affairs
Marriage Affairs

Why Do People Have Affairs? (It’s Not Just Men That Cheat) 

We often view cheating as something only men do, but in reality, it’s quite common for both men and women to have affairs.  The reason why someone might choose to have an affair is extremely varied, meaning there is no way to narrow cheating down to just one type of person. Both men and women […]

Dating a single dad
Dating Advice

Why Dating a Single Dad Is Becoming More Popular In The Dating World 

Since 1999, there has been a “22% increase in the number of families held up by single dads in the UK”. This impressive statistic reflects a growing trend of single men taking on the role of fatherhood, and it’s becoming increasingly attractive to women looking for someone to date.  Dating a single dad opens up […]

Dating advice for men with no confidence
Dating Advice

Dating Advice for Men with No Confidence (Millions Of Men Are Affected)

Perhaps you’ve reached the point in your life where you’re looking for a relationship but lack the confidence to leap. You’re not alone; many men suffer from low self-esteem, and it’s something that multiple charities and organisations are working towards addressing. Suffering from low self-esteem can make dating super difficult, as many men with low […]