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Women want Chef’s, but hold the Pickles – as they reveal the sexiest male professions.

Women want Chef

A new study conducted by
the UK’s leading married dating site has
revealed the male professions that women find the most attractive,
and those more likely to find success when it comes to looking for
romance online. The study asked over 2,000 female members (of the
UK’s largest married dating website) what they thought the sexiest
profession was for a prospective partner, and why.

Chef’s steamed to the top
of the poll with 27% of the votes; a profession that proves that the
way to a woman’s heart is also through her stomach. With fine
examples such as Gordon Ramsey, Jamie Oliver and Paul Hollywood, it’s
no wonder these guys have cooked up a feast in women’s minds.

The second sexiest
profession for men was working as a Doctor with 23% of the vote; the
study described them as caring, intelligent and motived.

According to the study,
the least attractive profession was being a Member of Parliament;
women viewed them as boring, over-confident, self-absorbed and as
well as having a bad reputation.
spokesperson Rosie Freeman-Jones commented: “I think the media
has played a massive part in what women see as attractive qualities
in men – they look for passion, creativity, ambition and drive. Women
like men who can spoil them in the kitchen and make them feel
special, they also want men who are caring. Unfortunately where the
media may have helped lift the profile of Chef’s to women, it has had
the opposite effect for MP’s – even Boris Johnson couldn’t save them
from being last after previously being voted the sexist politician by
Illicit Encounters members.

Other professions that
made the ’sexiest’ list include lawyers, firemen and farmers.

Rachel, 42, from
Somerset, who uses to meet married men
commented: “I love a man who knows his way around a kitchen, who
can be creative and knows how to impress a lady, I am also looking
for stimulating conversation and an emotional connection. I don’t
want to date someone who is arrogant or has an oversized ego”.

also found firemen attractive, describing them as heroic, attentive
and handsome. So despite dedicating a lot of time trying to win
votes, MP’s have polled last and may have to consider taking a
cookery class to help them get a date.

Notes to editors


Top 5 Sexiest Professions:

Chef 27%

Doctor 23%

Lawyer 15%

Fireman 12%

Farmer 6%

Least Sexy

Member of Parliament 0.5%


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