Guinness a kiss! reveal top drinks.

Guinness a kiss! reveal top drinks.

Could your partner’s fridge stacked
full of his favourite beer tell you how likely he is to stay

A new survey from the
UK’s leading dating site for married people has
revealed the drinking habits of men looking for an extra-marital
tryst. The survey of Illicit Encounter’s male members were
questioned on their beer preferences and regular drinking habits.

Despite not being a
‘beer’ per se, the number one choice for a swift one down the
local was a pint of Guinness – this is probably down to it’s smooth
taste, texture and perceived health benefits.

Spokesperson for; Mike Taylor said, “The results of this study
highlights that our members have a taste for quality and the refined.
They are not prepared to compromise on basis of price. It is
unsurprising that stout, rather than lager or ale, was the top choice
- when you consider that Guinness has been brewing for over 240
years. Despite it being perceived as a ‘meal in a glass’ in some
quarters, Guinness in fact, only contains 198 calories per pint,
making it less calorific than orange juice or skimmed milk. There is
also good news for female members as stout is seen as an aphrodisiac
in some countries.”

The second most popular
choice was Corona Extra, with Peroni Nastro Azzurro coming in third.
Both regarded as premium or luxury lagers, and strides ahead of
countless other brands in terms of popularity. The Belgians may have
more cultural acceptance to infidelity, but Stella Artois did not
tantalise our members proving to be the least popular choice.

The study also revealed
that men who are looking for or who are engaging in an extra-marital
relationship, consume less alcohol than their monogamous
counterparts, rarely drinking more than the recommended weekly
allowance. This could be due to the fact they are more health
conscious and concerned about the repercussions of getting overly

1. Guinness

2. Corona Extra

3. Peroni Nastro Azzurro

4. San Miguel

5. Budweiser

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